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Present at the Plate

September 27, 2021
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm


  • Education
  • Parenting

Does your family have meals together? Only about 30% of families eat dinner together regularly. We know that everyone is busy, but family meals can be great for both kids and parents to connect.

We want to help! Invite your kids to a fun, interactive session over dinner. You’ll play games, share family stories, and learn ideas on how to vote on what to eat, topics to talk about over meals, and more!

Presented by Palm Beach County Behavioral Health Coalition.

Parents that attended the event said:

Maria G.:
“I really enjoyed Present at the Plate. Being on time for dinner was a must when I was growing up and during our dinner, my family would catch up on the events of the day. This gave my parents the advantage of staying ahead of both positive and negative things going on with their children. I would recommend that everyone attend Present at the Plate, especially young families.”

Tamyka S.:
“I enjoyed it (Present at the Plate) a lot. It reminded me of growing up and how important it is to unplug from electronics to have conversations with the family during our sit-down meals.
This has helped be more intentional with having conversations with the ones I say that I love.”

Present at the Plate