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How to Have Healthy Relationship – Earn a Gift Card for Attending!


  • Education
  • Mental Health

The Healthy Relationship Series is powered by the Jack and Jill Center of Fort Lauderdale.

This 6-class virtual program begins on Thursday Feb. 3rd through Thurs. Mar. 10th. Classes are from 6:30-8P.

Attend ALL 6 classes and you will receive a $25 gift card and 12 volunteer hours from the Jack and Jill Center.

The Healthy Relationship topics that will be discussed over the 6 weeks:

  • Personality Styles
  • Meeting Our Emotional Needs
  • The Power of Us
  • Dividing Responsibilities
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Love Languages
  • Listening Skills

To sign up, you can call Jeannette Johnson at (954) 463-8772, ext. 208 or email her at

Healthy Relationships Series 2022
Center for Working Families