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Medicaid Redetermination 2023


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Medicaid Redetermination 2023 is taking place now.

With the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, it is time to renew your Medicaid benefits.

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) determines eligibility for Medicaid. DCF will be reviewing all recipients in the coming weeks to redetermine their eligibility.

Some current recipients are at risk of losing their benefits! Visit the comprehensive DCF website​ to learn more – for faster answers, you can even chat with the website Virtual Assistant.

If you are still eligible for Medicaid and DCF can renew your coverage without you doing anything, DCF will send you an approval letter when your Medicaid coverage has been renewed.

If DCF is not able to renew your coverage automatically, they will send you a notice to reapply, and you will need to take timely action and file a new application before your redetermination date.

Don’t forget to include all household members on your application. If you do not respond timely, you may lose your Medicaid coverage.

​Look for the envelope with the yellow stripe! Make sure DCF has your correct address! Click on the flyer to learn more about how to update your contact info.

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