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Parenting App-Palm Beach County


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Because being a parent doesn’t come with instructions…

Do you have the Parenting App, EveryParent PBC yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

Don’t have a smartphone? That is OK, EveryParent PBC is available on the web too.

The EveryParent PBC website and app, a service of the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach, is full of great resources and education for parents no matter the age of your child.

The EveryParent website allows you to …

  • Learn about what to expect as your child grows.
  • Get advice from local experts.
  • Find answers to parenting questions and programs that can help.

The EveryParent apps (available for Android and Apple (iOS) devices) allows you to …

  • Stay one step ahead of key moments in your child’s life.
  • Get notifications from local experts to help make parenting easier.
  • Save priceless memories to your child’s digital timeline.

The website and app are totally free, so get started today at:

EveryParent | Parenting Resources for Palm Beach County (

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EveryParent PBC