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Miami-Dade Residents. Need Access to Primary Medical Care?


  • General Health

Do you need help getting primary medical care? Do you live in Miami-Dade county?

If you answered yes to both of these, Florida International University (FIU) wants you to know about their NeighborhoodHELP program.

Through the Green Family Foundation, the NeighborhoodHELP program is there to help you set your health goals and provides you with the support through medical, law and social work students to offer help in using health and social services better, or if needed, finding these services for your household.

There are some eligibility requirements.

To learn more, check out the flyers linked here. (English, Spanish and Creole). Or call 305-919-4594

FIU NeighborhoodHELP English FIU NeighborhoodHELP Kreyol FIU NeighborhoodHELP Brochure EspaƱol
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